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Mr Love: Queen’s Choice – Karma Cards Google Sheet

Shaenia H and I made a Google Sheet (Link Here) regarding the karma cards in Mr Love: Queen’s Choice – feel free to use! (^v^)

Karma Card Stats Tab:
  • Displays the max attributes of karma cards
  • States the keywords of each karma card
  • Lists how each karma card can be obtained

Evolution Items Tab:

  • Only contains SSR + SR karma cards
  • States the evolution items needed to evolve each karma card
  • Gives the number of evolution items needed for each

Evolution Item Stage Drop Tab:

  • Shows what evolution item is dropped at each Elite Stage
  • Indicates which evolution items are needed most

Screenshots taken from the Google Sheet:

Here are some screenshots taken from the google sheet [1] that I thought would be useful.

Top 20 Karma Cards for each attribute:

Keywords of Karma Cards (for all keywords check the sheet):

Evolution Items needed for SSR cards (for SR cards check the sheet):

Evolution Items
Most common Evolution items for SSR and SR cards


The max attribute values for the Karma cards are based on the Chinese Server

Currently in the English Server you are unable to Evolve past 5 stars meaning you won’t yet be able to reach these max attributes.

The evolution items sheet only includes SSR and SR cards

The sheet is currently missing the keywords on a few of the cards so we would be very grateful for any help. (‐^▽^‐)

If there are any mistakes / problems with the sheet please let us know!

How I use the sheet

How to create filters

Includes screenshots for how to create filters on both computer and mobile (why you would choose to use the mobile app is truly beyond me though).

Things to do:

Sort by a particular attribute

  • Useful to check if a limited-time event card useful
  • Can check if any of your cards are good

Sort by character + keyword

  • You can use multiple filters at once
  • Useful for footage – what karma card have which keywords

Sort evolution items by chapters

  • Useful for Elite Mission Drop x2 events

Sort evolution items by total needed [2]

  • Can see which evolution items to focus on
Default order for Karma Cards Stats

The default order of the karma cards Stats tab is to have the cards sorted by rarity but with the cards still grouped together by character.

Example: SSR Victor, SSR Lucien, SSR Kiro, SSR Gavin, SR Victor, SR Lucien, etc.

How to get that order:

  1. Sort by Character
  2. Sort by Variety


[1] Screenshots as of 18/5/19

[2] If you want each evolution item to only appear once in the list then you need to use a custom formula for the filter.

Filter Tutorial 6
Formula for only having each Evolution Item appear once

14 thoughts on “Mr Love: Queen’s Choice – Karma Cards Google Sheet

  1. I know this isn’t 100% related to the above article but the game has just released 4 limited event karma for the Chinese New Year. I just wanted to know if you knew how to get them? Is it just from doing the Wish Tree with gems?

    Thanks for your help xx


    1. Edit: The CNY cards have now made a reappearance for a gacha event between 7/6/19 – 16/6/19 (On CN server)

      Yes, the only way to obtain them is by spending in the Gem Wish Pool. Do note that they are only available for a limited time (Apr 23 to May 10) and that during the time period only those 4 specific cards will have an increased rate of dropping.

      After the events passes, those cards will disappear from the pool. However, in the future there will undoubtedly be more events like this where SSR cards are added to the gem pool for a limited time.

      Points to consider for this event (regarding SSR cards):

      It’s likely the increased drop rate won’t be significantly notable (Normal SSR drop rate is ~1%)

      It’s still a pool so it will ultimately be about luck

      In the future there will be ways to get a guaranteed SSR but they will be very expensive (~8000 gems each)


  2. Hi I don’t know who did it but the Karma card sheet you can only now see Lucien SR stats under the Karma card stats


    1. Apologises about that and thanks for the heads up – fixed it now!

      I’ll try and make sure that doesn’t happen again.


  3. Hello, thanks for all the hard work you put into the Google sheet! It’s very handy! I just noticed that on the Ranking List tab, there are 2 tables titled Top Affinity + Creativity Cards, but the cards are different. Also there is no table for Top Execution + Creativity Cards. Is one of the tables titled incorrectly?


    1. Hello, thank you so much for pointing that out! Yes, turns out I accidentally named “Top Execution + Creativity” as “Top Affinity + Creativity”. I’ve fixed it now and did an extra check to make sure the rest were named correctly.


  4. Thank you so much for making this!
    I hope that you don’t mind me asking this: Do you think you might add the state of the SP cards to it as well?


    1. Hello!

      Currently, the spreadsheet follows the English Server – hence why it doesn’t include the cards available on other servers.

      I was actually planning to drop this project; however, I’ll try to add all the cards currently on CN + the ascension bonus given to SP cards before that happens.


  5. I’ve been using this for awhile and just wanted to tell you that it’s been super helpful in knowing what items to farm in the Elite stages. Thank you SO much for all your work making and updating this!


    1. I’m glad that it’s been helpful! (‐^▽^‐)

      Unfortunately, I plan to stop updating this project soon but I’ll add the stats of any cards currently on CN before then. Since the information seems useful, I’ll also try my best to find the evolution items needed.


  6. Hi! I absolutely love the spreadsheet, made a copy, and use it frequently. So thank you for your time in making it!

    I have 1 question:
    1. I noticed that there’s a SSR missing from it though and I tried to leave a comment on the spreadsheet but I don’t have the option to (if on the original spreadsheet). Is that possible to add comment access to the spreadsheet?

    Here’s my current Karma Stats for the missing SSR:
    Gavin: Lightbath
    Keyword: Vigor
    D:1646 C:1417 A:1815 E:49


    1. Ah… There’s probably quite a few cards missing from the sheet since I stopped updating the project some time during Nov / Dec… ┴┤−・;)

      I honestly did have the intention on fixing the sheet and adding the CN karma cards (before I dropped the project) but I keep procrastinating.

      I’m really sorry ( ͒˃̩̩⌂˂̩̩ ͒).

      Also, yeah I can change the settings so that users will have comment access.


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